A ‘story hunt’ is like a treasure hunt, but better.

  • What are the accessibility options for seen/saw?

    Accessibility has been a central consideration for this piece. Please go to this page for details.

  • Can I change the day/time I’m seeing seen/saw?

    Yes. Please contact us.

  • Can I bring my baby/pram etc?

    Babies are absolutely welcome. Your session of seen/saw is specifically for your small group and you can take it at your own pace, so you don’t have to worry about small interruptions.

Please let us know if you are bringing a big pram so we can ensure you’re able to access all spaces.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Dogs are welcome, but please let us know if your canine companion is coming along so we can ensure they (and everyone around them) are as comfortable as possible.

  • Can I bring my mum?

    Please do. Also buy her a nice dinner beforehand. And call her more often.

  • Can I bring my mate from Spain?


  • Can I give you feedback?

    Please do. This is the first season of seen/saw and it will benefit from your help. Clare welcomes constructive feedback if you have it, and general comments about your experiences as well.

  • Is there any more information about the performance?

    Yes. Audiences can access extra content here.

  • This was amazing. Can I give you money?

    It is hoped that there will be future iterations of seen/saw, and sponsorships and partnerships are always welcome. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us.

    Are fungi animal or vegetable?

    Neither. They occupy a section of their own in scientific classification because they share some qualities with animals, some qualities with plants, and have some things that are unique. They are also capable of hiding the majority of their biomass underground, absorb food by putting digestive chemicals into the ground around them, and will one day take over the world.

If you think this is interesting, you should check out bees. They’re amazing.