Ready to book? Call or text Clare on O41O 147 988 after reading the instructions below.

Please note: seen/saw is not your average show. It occupies the outdoors and happens in all weather, at any time, and your session is crafted specifically for you (hence the questions).

1.  Pick a date. Then pick two back-up dates in case a session on that date isn’t possible.

2. Pick a time. Adult sessions run between 8pm and 10pm. Children’s sessions (recommended for ages 2-8) run during daylight hours. All sessions run for 45 minutes.

3. Think about any special requirements for your session. seen/saw aims to be as accessible as possible and audio described/touch toured, closed captioned and mobility aware sessions are available. As food may be involved in some sessions, notifications about allergies are also appreciated.

4. Choose your mood: happy? Sad? Anxious? Adventurous?

5. Contact us with all of the above information, providing a mobile contact number. We will sort out the rest and contact you with instructions for your adventure!

All adult session tickets $15 per adventurer. Children session tickets $10 per adventurer, children under 2 free.

Lucha libre wrestler, bare-chested and wearing a red mask with a black jigsaw design over his eyes, hefts a championship belt above his head, black electrical tape winding a shiny trail down his sweat-covered arm.
puzzled luchador may not be seen during seen/saw