a new kind of show

Photograph of sneaker-clad feet, toes encroaching on a small square of bright green grass that is surrounded by dull grey concrete. The view gives the feeling of being the owner of the feet and blue jeans-clad legs.

seen/saw, appearing for the Melbourne Fringe 2018, is an experimental, experiential live art/theatre piece.

Focussed on a single person’s experience of an inner Melbourne suburb, seen/saw peels back the layers of familiar to reveal an intensely personal tale of longing and belonging. Travel through Fitzroy in an entirely new way with a guide who is both ghost and new-made friend.

Sessions are plotted to take 30 minutes but are self-paced. Each session is separately tailored to fit its visitors and a family-friendly version is available for younger audiences.

seen/saw is the kind of show you’ve never experienced before and will want to experience again.